Boo Who?

By Marc Raybin | Private Equity Central Boo Who? It is Halloween and that means it is that time of the year again when the three C's come out. No, we are not talking about candy, costumes and creepiness. As Jay Tannon, a private equity lawyer from DLA… Read more »

Building a Case for Infrastructure

Institutional Investors Evaluate a Multitude of Opportunities By Bruce Pflaum and Bob Moreland | The Institutional Real Estate Letter The recent collapse of the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis was both a shock and a tragedy. The only positive outcome has… Read more »

Open for Business

Private Equity International The US private equity mid-market – made up of hundreds of firms but controlling only half the capital in the market – has been somewhat insulated from the turmoil of the megafund deal market. While it faces an altered landscape,… Read more »

HIG Comes to Europe

Real Deals When HIG Capital burst on to the European scene this summer – with a 600m fund targeting the lower mid-market and a new team made up of some of the industry's biggest rainmakers – it took many of the region's incumbent players by surprise. "I… Read more »

Middle-East Investors Stick With The Big Names

Middle-Eastern investors have recently been making a splash with big investments in brand-name firms. But for the moment, their appetite for smaller funds seems subdued. A trio of powerful investors dominates the limited partner scene in the Middle East.… Read more »

Celebrating difference

Private Equity International “It turned out that hurling cash at people who got a lot of press was not a good idea,” a mid-market private equity professional reminds PEI. A reference to the perils of investing through the dotcom boom and bust, the opinion… Read more »