BerchWood Partners Expands its London Office

London – BerchWood Partners, a leading global private equity placement agent, is pleased to announce the addition of Alexander J. F. Chaplin as an associate in its London office. Prior to joining BerchWood, Alex was an analyst at MVision Private Equity… Read more »

Death of the Generalist

Real Deals If you believe what you read in the marketing spiel, it seems that everyone is a sector specialist these days. In reality, of course, genuine single sector focused funds in Europe remain incredibly rare. But this is changing. One of the greatest… Read more »

Placement agents go places in Asia Pacific

Asian funds to fore as credit crunch unrolls Asian Venture Capital Journal Fund raising has been one of the bright spots of a decidedly mixed year for private equity in 2007. Funds raised for Asia Pacific in particular shone in terms of raising and… Read more »

Place Your Bets

Real Deals On the panel: Martin Anthonsen, Monument GroupAlexander Apponyi, BerchWood PartnersTerence Crikelair, Champlain AdvisorsArmando D'Amico, Ancathus AdvisersAntoine Dréan, TriagoMounir Guen, MVision Is fundraising going to get tougher over… Read more »

Small is Beautiful

Real Deals Just ten weeks after launching its second independent private equity fund last October, lower mid-market investor Bowmark Capital romped home to hit its £265m (€482m) hard cap. Bowmark Capital Partners IV is more than double the size of its… Read more »